Vendor FAQs

Common questions when selling your property

Welcome to our comprehensive resource for answers to common questions about the property selling process. Whether you’re a landlord or homeowner looking to list your property or just starting to consider your options, this page is designed to provide you with valuable insights and guidance. We understand that selling your property can be a significant decision, and we’re here to address your queries, clarify the steps involved, and empower you to make informed choices. Explore these frequently asked questions to streamline your property selling experience with our expert estate agents.

To list your property for sale, simply contact our office and schedule a valuation appointment. We will visit your property, assess its value, and discuss the listing process with you.

We offer a comprehensive range of services to sellers, including property valuation, marketing and advertising, conducting viewings, negotiating offers, managing the sales process, and providing guidance throughout.

We conduct a thorough market appraisal by considering factors such as location, size, condition, recent sales data, and current market trends. This analysis helps us determine the optimal asking price for your property.

We employ a multi-channel marketing approach, including online listings on popular portals and our investor database. We sometimes leverage our network of buyers and other agents to maximise exposure.

Our team will arrange viewings at mutually convenient times with potential buyers. We will conduct accompanied viewings, showcasing your property’s features and answering any questions buyers may have.

We will promptly communicate any offers received, providing you with all the necessary details. Our experience will work on your behalf to achieve the best possible price and terms.

We understand the importance of regular communication. We will provide you with updates on a regular basis, keep you informed about offers and negotiations, and provide regular progress reports throughout the legal process once sold subject to contract.

The time to sell a property can vary depending on market conditions, location, and other factors. We will give you an estimate based on our experience and provide ongoing feedback to help manage your expectations.

Our agency will provide you with a clear breakdown of all fees and costs involved in selling your property. Please contact the team for further information.

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